NaBloPoMo – Day 3: Christmas Party and Build Contest Rules

Okay, sorry about yesterday.  I forgot that I was doing NaBloPoMo and I suddenly remembered when I got in bed so I went to my blog on my phone and I started typing things and then I misspelled correct even when I had auto correct.   I know, I’m stupid, xD.  So for today’s post, I’ll be doing something better than what I HAD been doing.  :3  I’ll be announcing the rules for the party and contest.  Woohoo. :3  Sarcastic, yet fun.

Christmas Party Rules

1. You MUST PM me that you are going before December 23rd.  If you don’t, you will not be able to come to my party, invitations will be given out to all of my friends on ROBLOX.

2. You MUST be my friend to come to the party because I will only let friends come on.

3. A maximum of 20 people can join, so when you PM me, you are automatically on the list and you will be staying there.  If you DO NOT come, make sure you tell me because we will have complete fun without you. :3 (Yes, I’m harsh)

4. You DO NOT need to be wearing anything fancy, I would want you to if there wasn’t a price update, but there is now.  So if you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

5. The party will start at 10:00 AM and end at 12:00 PM, you can stay after, but it won’t be very fun.

6. You MAY leave early if you have a tight schedule, I also might be ending the party sooner then planned.

7. Dancing is key, if you don’t dance, the party won’t be fun.  I’m just joking.  Maybe not….

8. If anyone else comes that didn’t apply, they will be banned immediately.

9. Rooms will be made for everyone, at least 2 people have to be sleeping in the same room because there will be bunks, don’t worry, I’ll put the boys in their own rooms and the girls in their own rooms, it won’t be weird.

10. Have fun, please do NOT start whining because you aren’t having fun, be respectful and mindful of the others that are trying to have fun.

Build Contest Rules

1. Everything has to be built on ROBLOX, you can plan on another software but your final product MUST be built on ROBLOX.

2. Please PM me if you will be entering.

3. You can have several people help you in the process.

4. It has to be Christmas themed.

5. You have to make a video and post it on YouTube showing the creation.  It MUST be less than 10 minutes.

6. Be creative, you CANNOT steal anyone’s buildings.  If you do, you will be disqualified.

7. You MUST have the build and video done by December 20, 2013.

8. After you make the video, you will not be able to make another one with new updates.

9. If you don’t win, be a good sport.

10. Have fun.

Well those are all of the rules, I hope you join, have fun!


Christmas Party and Contest + NaBloPoMo

Christmas Party and Contest

Well, I decided I’m going to have a ROBLOX Christmas Party and Build Contest.  I’m going to make a post separately on that to explain it just a bit more.  Basically, I’m inviting Bailey (my friend in rl) and Roxas (aka Shyanne, my sister in rl).  I’m posting this because I want people to start getting ready for the party and such.  Anyone who wants to join can join, all you have to do is comment or contact me on ROBLOX by PMing me that you are coming.  You don’t have to wear anything nice because I know about the stupid price update.  For the contest, you have to build something that goes with Christmas, post a video less than 10 minutes on YouTube and send your entry to me on ROBLOX by PMing me or commenting on the post stating all of the rules of the contest.


NaBloPoMo is a month where you post everyday for one month.  We got this concept from NaNoWriMo where you write a novel with 50,000 words in November.  So basically, I’m going to be posting every day of this month.  If I don’t do it, feel free to give me hate comments in the comments below.  If you don’t, I guess you really love me. :3  I’m going to be following the Daily Post for these posts because I don’t know what else to post, if the posts are normal like mine usually are, then  I had an idea for that day which is my goal.

Here are the links to The Daily Post and the NaBloPoMo post where I found out about it.


The Daily Post

Twilight Town – Photoshoot w/ my friend

Woohoo! This photoshoot was the bomb, I had so much fun. But I really wish I took more photos. If any of you know about the game called, “Kingdom Hearts”, you are awesome and if you don’t know about it, well, FIND OUT! (jk) Well, we took a photo on the clock tower with our sea salt icecreams….. we kinda failed.  I tried to recreate the moment when Roxas kept talking and Axel already finished the ice cream…. it failed, horribly.  Well here it is.


photo 1


If you want the link, click here. I plan to start a YouTube channel and put all the photos together at the end of November. Well, I’ll see everyone soon because I have school tomorrow.