Review: [ELLE] Plaid Tied Shirt and Graphic Tank + Combats

Plaid Tied Shirt and Graphic Tank + Combats Yay!  So this is my FIRST review.  So today I’m reviewing the Plaid Tied Shirt and Graphic Tank + Combats by Bellaz.  This is SO cute!  I noticed the graphic tank had the words “Don’t look back.” on it.  I love how it says that.  The white words look great on the black tank.  The words just pop out and I love how Bellaz did that.  She also added a plaid shirt around the waist that matches the tank so well.  In the description, she started that it was TheBluCow’s (aka blubaby) idea.  The light washed high waisted shorts also look great against the crop tank top and the shirt around the side and the combat boots go great with this outfit.  I don’t think there are any horrible things with this outfit, if it’s chilly you can add the plaid shirt around it which I think will still look great.  Great job Bellaz.


Well, I’ll see everyone soon!  Look out for a photoshoot soon!  I’ll talk to you guys later!


App Review: myHomework Student Planner

Okay, so I just wanted to do an app review because I felt like it. :3  Okay, well there’s this app called myHomework Student Planner and I recommend everyone who has an apple product to get it because it literally saves my life. To get it, all you need is to be 13 or over 13 and an apple ID account. Then you can download it easily!

How It Works

Basically, you enter in classes (ex.) math, chemistry) and then you can add homework to them.

And yeah, sorry it’s not descriptive, I’m falling asleep here.