App Review: myHomework Student Planner

Okay, so I just wanted to do an app review because I felt like it. :3  Okay, well there’s this app called myHomework Student Planner and I recommend everyone who has an apple product to get it because it literally saves my life. To get it, all you need is to be 13 or over 13 and an apple ID account. Then you can download it easily!

How It Works

Basically, you enter in classes (ex.) math, chemistry) and then you can add homework to them.

And yeah, sorry it’s not descriptive, I’m falling asleep here.


Another Week of School….

Yay…….. Anyways, I’ll be able to come on Roblox tonight but I will only be building. I might take some pictures but that’s it.

I have gymnastics so I might not come on right away. But yeah, see everyone tonight! Off to school! e.e

Twilight Town – Photoshoot w/ my friend

Woohoo! This photoshoot was the bomb, I had so much fun. But I really wish I took more photos. If any of you know about the game called, “Kingdom Hearts”, you are awesome and if you don’t know about it, well, FIND OUT! (jk) Well, we took a photo on the clock tower with our sea salt icecreams….. we kinda failed.  I tried to recreate the moment when Roxas kept talking and Axel already finished the ice cream…. it failed, horribly.  Well here it is.


photo 1


If you want the link, click here. I plan to start a YouTube channel and put all the photos together at the end of November. Well, I’ll see everyone soon because I have school tomorrow.