NaBloPoMo – Day 4

So, after school, I rode the bus home, then there was this poor little girl and she was crying. So she asked these girls if she could sit with them and they said no.  Who freaking does that?  People are jerks these days.  That’s not it, since she goes my bus stop, my friend and I decided I needed to talk to her.  When I got off the bus, I was like, anyone can sit where they want to sit.  And once again, she was acting like a complete jerk and she said I’m surprised you talked.  I was just like, I may not talk when you are but I can still talk.  Almost everyone is capable to talk and I can too, plus take a chill pill, I’m just telling the truth, stop overreacting.


Well, yup.  That was the entire conversation.  I’ll see everyone tomorrow.


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